Indigenous to many of the world’s forested areas, carpenter ants are no strangers to Vancouver area homes. They are recognizable by the evenly rounded thorax when viewed from the side, their bent antennae and thin waists (one node) which separate their upper and lower body segments. Ranging in size from as small as 6 mm to as large as 2.5 cm, carpenter ants can destroy wooden structures with their tunnels and nests.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about carpenter ants, and why you need to call a Vancouver and Victoria exterminator such as Pest Detective as soon as possible when you notice that you have an infestation.

Recognizing a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Seeing carpenter ants inside of your home is often one of the first signs of an infestation. However, absent any other signs, it doesn’t definitely mean that your home is playing host to a carpenter ant nest. The main or ‘parent’ nest of a carpenter ant colony is always situated somewhere outside of the home, and the ants can forage up to 90 meters away in search of food. Each parent nest can have anywhere up to 20 satellite nests depending on age of colony and species of carpenter ant.

You’ll know if the ants have actually gone as far as to build a satellite colony inside of your home if you notice the telltale shavings (or sawdust) that they leave behind, beside or beneath wooden structures. Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood that they excavate it, they simply deposit it outside of their nest. If a substantial amount of them have made their way into your home, you may also be able to hear the slight rustling noises that carpenter ants make when hard at work. Their chewing on wood (or whatever they are excavating) sounds almost identical to milk on your rice crispies cereal, snap, crackle and pop!

Preventing a Carpenter Ant Infestation
Because carpenter ants are such prolific travelers, they are bound to happen across many residential homes in their search for food. Being the (relatively) tiny creatures that they are, carpenter ants can easily make their way inside through any cracks that they find along your home’s exterior. Making sure that they don’t even have a chance to enter your home by sealing up any such cracks is a great way to prevent an infestation.

It is also advisable to keep the outside walls of your home clear of any obstructions such as gardening tools, wood piles, shrubs, tree branches, and other debris that could attract carpenter ants. Keeping food well stored and maintaining a tidy kitchen will ensure that any ants that do find their way inside promptly leave for better scavenging grounds.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants
Removing carpenter ants can be a painstaking and near impossible task to do on your own. Exterminating a satellite colony is best left up to the pest control experts. Pest Detective offers quality, effective pest control services in Victoria and Vancouver, as well as the surrounding communities of Langley, Coquitlam, and Surrey.

If your Victoria or Vancouver area home needs an exterminator, then Pest Detective is here to help. You can get in touch with Pest Detective at any time of the day or night, so don’t wait and let those carpenter ants get settled in.