Bird-Shock, Flex-Track – Low Voltage Bird Control

Product Overview

Pest Detective uses Bird-Shock Flex-Track on ledges, beams, signs, roofs, parapets and other places pest birds like to congregate. This low voltage bird control track works on all species of birds and all levels of bird weight. The flex track is made of UV-stabilized, flexible PVC with stainless steel braided mesh. We install the flex track by gluing it to the surface and then connecting it to the charger unit with lead-out wire.

Technical Specifications

Bird-Shock Flex-Track uses the low-profile shock to deter birds from landing on or near your structure. It helps condition birds to stay away with the principle of fear and flight. The bird-shock flex-track is:

Bird-Shock Flex-Track | Bird Proofing | Pest Detective

Flexible & Adaptable

It comes with a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural structure. The track curves up and down, and side to side; and the stainless steel strapping follows the PVC base without wrinkling.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track Examples | Bird Proofing | Pest Detective

Virtually Invisible

The track is only ¼ of an inch high. You can get the track in a variety of colours to match your building’s façade. It’s hard to notice the track even from close up let alone from a distance. It cannot be seen looking up from below.


Thanks to its UV-stabilized PVC and stainless steel structure, the flex-track will last longer than its five-year warranty.


The intermittent shock is painful, but does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away, long-term.

Bird-Shock Flex-Tracks | Pest Detective

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