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Pest Detective has handled a wide variety of pests over the years including mites in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Whistler, and the Tri-Cities area. Our exterminators have collected information on how to identify and prevent mites from getting into your home. If you find you have a mite infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Pest Detective for professional pest control. Check out the information below to learn more about mites.


Mites are arachnids with a various number of legs depending on the species. There are many different types of mites, but most are pretty small, less than 1 mm or .04 inches in length. Some common mite species include the bird mite, the chigger mite, the red mite, and scabies.

Colour: Varies by species

Legs: Varies by species

Shape: Round with a prosoma and abdomen

Size: Varies, but most are less than 1 mm

Antennae: Yes

Flying: No

Habits & Habitat

Mites begin as eggs then develop into a larval and pupal stage before reaching full maturation. Since there are a variety of mites, you can find some living on land or in water. Most mites are not harmful, but some are parasitic.


A parasitic mite will attack an animal host, causing skin irritation known as mange. Bird mites target birds, especially poultry, and spider mites damage crops. Chiggers can transfer diseases while some mites reside in a host’s respiratory tract causing serious issues.


Depending on the species of mite, prevention methods vary. Contact Pest Detective to learn more.

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