The globe is in the middle of a crisis, battling the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The healthcare system is in overdrive, and there has been reduced economic productivity. Organizations have altered their hours or moved to remote working to ensure social distancing and protect staff.

With so much change, it becomes easy to neglect commercial pest control measures, leaving commercial properties vulnerable to the invasion of pests.

You may wonder why pest control is still important if human traffic has reduced.

Since the rise of COVID-19 cases and the increase in lockdown restrictions, many cities globally have reported changes in wildlife and insect patterns. More and more creatures are venturing into spaces they would not typically be seen. What better time for pests to come out and run amok, than when there is no one around to stomp them?

What pests are of concern to commercial properties?

Pests are insects or other animals considered to have a harmful effect on human beings, their food or their living conditions. Pests carry disease-causing bacteria and parasites, damage food supplies, and destroy property.

Here are some pests that may be of concern to commercial properties during the pandemic:

Rats and mice

Rats and mice love humid conditions and will reside in ceilings and cupboards, pipes, and drains. They will urinate and excrete on surfaces of common use, spreading bacteria and contaminating food. Rats and mice can also damage wiring. A female rat can birth six litters a year, consisting of approximately ten rats. Mice can have up to ten litters a year, with an average of six to eight pups per litter.


Ants vary in size and colour. They live in colonies that typically have hundreds to thousands of worker ants. Noticing a few ants can be an indication of a bigger issue as ants tend to have intricate colonies nestled underground, within crevices, or even appliances and electrical pipes. Carpenter ants are one of the most ruinous types of ants. Carpenter ants, which tend to be large and black, can cause major property damage.


Cockroaches love cracks, crevices, sewers and any hidden and dark space. They secrete an oily liquid that can transfer bacteria and contaminate food, and they can damage fabrics, bookbindings, and other materials. Their feces, shedding body parts, and saliva can also trigger allergies and asthma. Females can produce two egg cases a week containing as much as 16 eggs.


Termites are destructive pests that, like ants, live in colonies. They love moist, dark areas and consume wood, books, cardboard, and paper. They can eat furniture and can significantly damage a building.

Prevention is better than cure

Most pests multiply at an alarmingly rapid rate, and once they have nestled into space, they can take over in no time. Empty buildings and office spaces, reduced hours and less human traffic make your commercial property the perfect nesting ground for pests. Pests pose a risk to the health of your staff and customers and can eat away at profits. A pest problem may also tarnish your business image.

Maintaining a good relationship with your pest control service provider ensures that your commercial property is safe from pests, even when you are away.

Ensuring that your property stays pest-free will reduce any chances of delay when lockdown restrictions are lifted, and normal operations resume. Given the disruptions organizations already face, further disruption and loss of income from an infestation can affect your bottom line immensely.

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