Have you ever wondered where ants disappear to as soon as the cold weather strikes? Like us, ants need to keep warm in the winter and protect themselves from the snow, ice, hail and frigid cold air. But where exactly do they go and how do they survive the elements? Read on to learn the way of the ant and how they make it through the winter season.

Winter Ant Infestations – Call for Professional Pest Control in Vancouver

The cold weather plays an integral role in the life of an ant. It causes their body temperature to drop significantly, making their movements slow and sluggish. As such, they seek out warm places to take cover and wait out the winter season. You can find them hiding in deep soil, under rocks or beneath the bark of trees.

To maintain body heat and keep themselves alive, they huddle together to protect their queen, closing off their nest with soil and sand until spring time. As soon as the warm weather approaches, ants gain back their strength, open up the entrance of their nest and begin their journey, once again, to work and collect food.

  • During the fall season, ants will eat large amounts of food to prepare for winter.
  • As they remain in a dormant state during the cold weather, they will feed off their fats, carbohydrates and proteins to survive the next few months.
  • Ants of the Messor aciculatus species will actually store plant seeds in their nests and feed off them during the winter.
  • In spring, it’s back to work! Worker ants begin searching for a food source to share with the colony. When they find it, they will consume what they need and then head back to the group to alert others.
  • As the worker ants make their way back to the colony, they mark their path through an odour trail. This allows the nesting ants to follow the trail to reach the food. Hence, you should not be surprised if you come across an ant trail on your kitchen counter or floor.

Expert Ant Extermination in Vancouver to Solve Your Insect Problem
Understanding how ants survive during the winter can help you determine if you have an ant problem in your home. If you suspect you do, act fast to reduce your chances of a colony invasion. Get in touch with a professional exterminator in Vancouver at Pest Detective to thoroughly assess your property and effectively remove any signs of infestation. We are fully prepared with the proper equipment and extermination procedures to tackle any type of ant problem you may have.

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