Wasps vary greatly depending on their species, but most wasps have two pairs of wings and a pinched waist. Wasp range in colours from black to metallic greens, while others are blue. Some wasps are microscopic while others grow up to several centimetres in length.

Wasps have a vital role to play in the environment. They kill certain pests and some help to pollinate flowers. Wasps are as important to the ecosystem as bees. However, if you have wasps on your property, that might be a problem. Wasps do not go out of their way to sting but they get aggressive when they encounter humans. They can make it challenging to complete yard work or enjoy outdoor activities.

Common types of wasps found in Vancouver

Three types of wasps commonly seen in Vancouver are the European Paper Wasp, Yellow Jackets and Hornets.

The European Paper Wasp

The European Paper Wasp has long legs with a slender body that is about ¾ of an inch in length and narrows at the waist. The body of this wasp is black with yellow markings.


Yellowjackets are about the same size as bees. However, they do not carry pollen. Instead, they feast on meat. Yellowjackets can use their stingers repeatedly.


Hornets are the largest of the three types of wasps. You can identify hornets by their black and white bald face. They too can sting repeatedly.

Reasons you may have wasps

Wasps will generally make their nests on the exterior of houses, in eaves, soffits and rain gutters. At times, they might make their way indoor. Wasps may be attracted to your home if you have lots of flowers and other plants. If you have food scraps left in your outdoor eating areas, spilled drinks that have evaporated to leave a sticky residue, and garbage bins that have not been properly covered, this is also an invitation for wasps. Insects and spiders are prey for wasps, so if you already have a problem with such pests, you might find that wasps are drawn to your home for that reason.

Wasp nest removal

Wasp nest removal is not as simple as you may believe. It takes more than using a broom to swat at them. The best way to get rid of wasps in your home is to contact a pest control company that uses an integrated approach to the problem.

Do you need wasp nest removal in Vancouver?

If you are searching for a pest control company in Vancouver to help with a wasp nest removal, contact us at Pest Detective.

The first step in getting rid of wasps is an inspection to determine what needs to be done to control the problem. After we have completed the inspection, we will document all our findings in detail. We will then explain the behaviours of the type of wasp we have found on your property, including what they eat and where they hide. This will help you to cease practices that will attract more wasps to your home. We will make modifications to the areas around your home to reduce the number of areas that wasps will find suitable for their nests and put measures in place to make it hard for wasps to get inside your house.

After all this, we will select the best method of removing the wasps from your property. We may use traps, light modification, mechanical controls, insecticides or physical removal.

If you are tired of swatting at wasps every time you go outside, give us a call today to request a quote for our wasp nest removal services.