Bowen Island has received a lot of attention in the past few months for its growing skunk population. Alongside these smelly creatures, there are rumors spreading that pest control companies have been involved in bringing these animals to the island in order to boost business. These rumors are disheartening and disturbing to us in many ways and we would like to assure Bowen Islanders, and residents in surrounding areas, that Pest Detective has had no involvement in this situation.

Pest Detective has been serving British Columbia for nearly 30 years and we take pride in not only the work we do, but the communities we have become a part of and support every day. Our goal is to help residents live comfortably and safely in their homes and workspaces. We would never attempt to disrupt a community for financial gain.

Part of the Skunk Solution, Not the Problem
Our values rest on taking humane and environmentally-friendly practices that allow people to live without concerns about pests, rodents or wildlife. Our university-educated technicians are trained in the proper procedures for dealing with all types of infestations, removal and relocations. Many of our team members are born and raised in British Columbia and are proud pet owners. We would not wish the pain and inconvenience of a skunked pet, the most common side-effect of a large skunk population, on anyone. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and encouraging harmony between residents and local animals.

This imbalanced population has caused a huge disturbance to residents of Bowen Island and was likely caused by the rapid reproduction skunks are capable of. This is especially true if they are well-fed, so taking steps to reduce their access to food (i.e. garbage cans left outside) may help to limit the problem from progressing further. While skunks are not our most common call, our experience over the years has made us familiar with ways to avoid issues with these small, smelly animals. Our resources page and a subsequent blog post will outline more ways Bowen Islanders can live with this unfortunate situation and help prevent it from becoming worse.

Pest Detective is Here to Help
As professionals who pride ourselves on our place within the community, we cannot imagine how such allegations have come to pass. Pest Detective, as a company, is taking this very serious and is working closely to fix the problem by complying to rules and regulations and working with the BC Conversation Officer Service. Our years of pest control service throughout British Columbia and our team of professionals, many local residents, make us dedicated to serving our communities to the best of our abilities. We are here to help residents deal with the problem at hand.

Contact us today with questions, concerns or for assistance with pest control and pest prevention in the Vancouver area. For further information please visit E-Fauna BC.