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The end of summer usually signals relief from pests such as flies and mosquitoes. However, winter is fraught with its own set of concerns. There are many pests that remain active during the winter season and they are referred to as overwintering pests.

What are overwintering pests?

Overwintering pests are ones that change habits in order to survive the winter. These pests often make their way into homes in a bid to get away from the cold.

Overwintering pests include, but are not limited to, rodents such as rats and mice, cockroaches, and ants. Such pests can become a real headache if not detected early. Wires, clothing, and other items can be damaged or destroyed by the actions of these pests. This can lead to unwanted expenses and in some cases sickness since some pests are carriers of harmful diseases.

If you want to keep overwintering pests out of your home, there are simple things you can do.

Practice proper food storage

During the winter, pests are hungry and go in search of food. Areas, where food is left, exposed can become a hotbed of infestation. Therefore, it is important that food items are stored in sealed containers and not left where they can be easily accessed by pests.

Keep spaces dry and moisture-free

Leaking pipes can also encourage infestation, as many pests crave warm, moist spaces. Areas prone to moisture build-up should be checked regularly. If leaks are found, they should be remedied quickly. Endeavour to keep attics, basements and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry. Keep attention to kitchens and bathrooms as those areas are particularly vulnerable to moisture.

Repair cracks and holes

Houses with breaches provide easy access for pests looking for a home. For that reason, regular maintenance must be carried out. This maintenance should include the sealing of cracks and holes and the installation of door sweeps. Also, place window and vent screens wherever necessary.

Keep home clean and clutter-free

Overall, having a clean house can go a long way in preventing pest infestation.

Rodents and bugs love clutter where they can hide and breed. They will also search for food scraps left lying around and rummage through the trash seeking sustenance. Regular cleaning inside and outside your home, plus proper garbage disposal, will prove helpful for pest control.

When to call a pest control professional

If overwintering pests have already invaded your home, you should seek the services of a pest control expert who can adequately deal with the situation.

DIY methods can sometimes offer short-term relief from a pest problem, but rarely will those methods be as effective as professional pest control services. Pest control professionals, such as Pest Detective, possess the required expertise and tools to handle whatever pest problem you are facing.

Pest control services in Vancouver

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