As summer hits and the warm temperatures allow eager Vancouver residents to get outside, there is another group also on the move: carpenter ants. Winged queen ants fly the nest to seek new mates and a new place to form their colony around the months of June and July. In Vancouver, carpenter ants are no longer just annoying; they are a growing problem that needs to be taken care of by professionals. Homeowners and business owners may think they eradicated them, only to feel defeated when they return the next year.

Ants: More than Just a Nuisance—Pest Prevention Is Highly Recommended

Carpenter ants can damage wood as they build their nest. If they gain entry to your home or business, they do pose a threat of structural damage. Therefore, pest control is important if you suspect you have a carpenter ant infestation.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Most homes or offices in the area have carpenter ants. It is important to find the nest before you start the process of pest control, because if you do not exterminate the nest, the ants will disperse and create a new one. Usually it requires the assistance of a trained exterminator to locate and treat nests, but for ant trails, there are a few steps you can take too:

  • Use bait traps – Place these near carpenter ant trails to bait and kill ants in the area.
  • Treat the perimeter – Spraying an insecticide on the perimeter of your home or business will prevent the ants from entering the property.
  • Contact an exterminator – If carpenter ants are a growing problem on your property, or you have them inside your structure, contact a professional for pest control. An exterminator can locate the nest and kill the queen, which prevents them from setting up a home elsewhere.

Pest Detective can help you with your carpenter ant problem. Our control and pest prevention programs locate and eradicate ant nests so that you can keep them from coming back. Contact us now for a quote or to schedule your ant inspection.