With summer around the corner, you may already be planning the activities you’ll be enjoying with your family and friends. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who will be out and about this summer. While summer in Vancouver is a time for fun and relaxation, it is also the peak season for certain pests and pest infestation.

Pests that are common during the summer months include mosquitoes, stinging insects, cockroaches, ants and flies. You must remain vigilant if you want to keep these pests out of your home and office.

Here are some tips to help you keep the summer pests at bay:

1. Block their entry

One of the first steps in protecting your home from insects and critters is to block their entry to your home. If you have screens on your windows and doors, ensure they are free of holes via which pests can enter. Also, ensure there are no gaps in your doorframes or window frames and if necessary, replace window strippings.

2. Keep your kitchen clean

A dirty kitchen is a haven for cockroaches and other pests. So, if you want your home to be pest-free this summer, you must ensure that your kitchen is as clean as possible. That means, no leaving crumbs or food scraps lying around. It would be best if you also take out the trash frequently and not leave food out overnight.

Although you must take the garbage out frequently, be careful not to throw old meat out too soon. Rotting meat in the summer sun is an invitation for pest infestation. So, keep your meat in the freezer until you know your garbage will soon be collected.

Get rid of standing water

Wherever there is standing water, mosquitos can breed. So, to ensure your home is not a breeding ground for mosquitos, you must get rid of all items that can accumulate water. This means you will need to check for blocked roof gutters, leaks from AC units, empty flowerpots and any other containers that can hold water that may be scattered around your property.

4. Ensure your yard is maintained

Overgrown bushes and trees around your home are great hiding places for pests. To eliminate spots for unwelcomed guests to hide, trim the trees and shrubs near your house and clean up the debris. You should also keep your grass cut and free of weeds as a lawn with extremely tall grass also makes a good home for pests.

5. Call a pest infestation control company

A great way to ensure your home is not invaded by pests this summer is to hire a pest control company. Pest control company can spray regularly spray home to protect it from pests that are common in your area during the summer.

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