As you continue to enjoy spring and the warmer temperatures that have come with it, you may notice that some pesky pests have also come out for the fair weather. Some pests that you may notice during this time include wasps, bees, roaches, rats, mice, and more. If you want to ensure none of these pests invade your home, here are some spring pest control tips you can do to prevent infestation:

Practise proper waste disposal

When pests are searching for a new home, they are also looking for food and water. If you remove all the potential food and water sources, you will lower your risk of an infestation. It is wise to store food in sealed containers, and never on the ground to prevent pests from having easy access. Ensure also that your pet food is stored correctly.

In your garden, you may want to have bird feeders close to your house so that you can birdwatch from inside. However, while feeders are intended for birds, the seeds are also attractive to pests such as rats and mice. If you want to keep your feeders, put some distance between them and your home. Fruit may also attract rodents as well as wasps and bees. So, do not allow fallen fruit to rot under trees.

Control moisture

Moisture is necessary for some pests to lay eggs, and even a small leak may create a suitable environment for them to reproduce. You will find that pests, such as rats and mice that do not lay eggs, also prefer damp spaces. For that reason, you should quickly repair leaks and control humidity levels. Moisture control is especially important in areas such as basements, attics and crawl spaces that are naturally more appealing to pests.

Check perimeter and seal entryways

Pests will have easy access to your home is there are opening along the perimeter. Thus, you should regularly inspect your property and look for any areas where these unwanted guests may gain access to your home. Look carefully in areas where there is plumbing, electrical and air ducts and vents. If you find gaps or cracks, seal them right away. You should also repair damaged windows and screens and replace old or worn weatherstripping. If, during your inspection, you discover the presence of pests, contact a pest control company for removal before sealing them inside.

Clean regularly

A great way to protect your home from pests is to keep it clean and tidy. If you clean up immediately after food preparation and avoid leaving dirty dishes in your sink overnight, pests will have a hard time finding scraps to feed on. Also, remove clutter to ensure that if pests do make their way inside your home, they will have nowhere to hide.

Consult a pest control company for help!

At the first sign of a pest, you should consult a pest control company for help. If the infestation is minor, a pest control company can help to prevent it from worsening. And if you already have a significant infestation, a pest control company will have the necessary tools to eliminate the pests and help you to pest-proof your home to keep them from returning.

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