When spring approaches, warehouse managers may find themselves in a tight corner with a pest bird problem. Opening the wide doors of the warehouse is an easy way for these birds to take shelter in one of the many nooks, including the high rafters or close to the warm light fixtures and transformers.

A bird infestation can cause many problems for you and your warehouse. Pigeons, crows and gulls in particular can carry up to 60 known diseases, which puts your employees at risk for many serious health conditions. Those operating forklifts may be alarmed by birds and cause a fatal forklift accident. Bird nests can trigger electrical fires. Bird droppings can damage inventory and result in slip-and-fall accidents. Food products can become compromised by bird droppings and nest debris.

Pressure washing the ceilings or using a fake snake or owl as a decoy to scare the birds off may prove to be unsuccessful. But let’s take a look at some other effective and humane ways to help keep birds out of your warehouse:

  • Repel pest birds through sonic bird control devices. Making the birds believe that their natural predator has also taken refuge in the warehouse can prompt them to move on to safer nesting grounds. Bird-B-Gones Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic can transmit distress and predator calls that will effectively deter the birds. The device consists of a built-in speaker to accommodate a large area and the volume can be controlled to adjust the sonic output.
  • Bird netting to block birds from unwanted areas. Bird netting acts as a physical barrier to keep birds out of your warehouse. It is a lightweight, flexible and weather and UV-resistant material that can successfully block structures of all shapes and sizes. This permanent bird control solution is cost-effective and strong enough to keep the birds out while still allowing for good air flow.
  • Vinyl strip doors can prevent birds from entering. Available in a variety of widths and lengths for different applications, vinyl strips act as a bird blocker in spaces where the door is often left open. They separate easily to allow employees to pass through them. The strip also reduces reflections on the outside, so birds do not see the reflection of trees or sky and think they can fly through.
  • Bird proof gel can safely repel birds. This non-toxic and easy-to-apply gel discourages bird roosting activity by acting as a visual and physical barrier. It can be used indoors and outdoors on window sills, gutters, beams, steel support structures, lights, pipes, and more. It works by making the surface sticky and uncomfortable, preventing the birds from landing. The gel can last up to six months.

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