As the weather begins to warm up, there are several species of insects, rodents, and wildlife that emerge from their winter hiding place in search for food and a new place to call home. We understand that the wave of pest activity in the spring can be an inconvenience, and in some cases, distressing for many homeowners. Therefore, recognizing the early signs of infestations can help you prevent unwelcomed pests from getting even closer to your property when spring arrives. For friendly, affordable, and professional services in Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Victoria and the lower mainland BC, work with us to keep your home pest-free all year round.

Signs That Pests Are Returning and How You Can Prevent an Infestation

Pests of all types have the potential to cause issues both inside and outside of the home. In turn, fixing these problems can take up valuable time and resources as well. However, you are likely to avoid this outcome by learning to identify a few common signs of pest infestations:

• Footprints – Humans are not the only ones who leave their trace behind in the snow. Even in mild weather, patches of snow that haven’t melted yet can reveal wildlife footprints. Inside your home, look for grease tracks that could indicate a rodent infestation. Mice and rats are creatures of habit and will travel along the same path, leaving behind a dark, greasy trail.

• Droppings – One of the most classic signs of pest infestation are droppings. Scan your surroundings for any pest droppings or urine trails left by rodents such as mice or rats. Cleaning up waste should be left to the professionals as droppings can transmit serious viruses to humans if not handled properly.

• Damaged Plants – When the snow melts away, take a good look at your grass and plants for any visible signs of damage. If critters are lurking nearby, you may notice large, uneven, and dead patches of grass that could be caused by moles, beetles, flies, or other pests.

• Empty Nests – During the winter time, rodents and wildlife will make nests for themselves using leaves and other debris scattered around your home. If you notice that these burrows are now empty once spring rolls around, it may signal that pests have moved into even closer territory.

Once you can confidently identify the early indicators of a pest infestation, learn how you can prevent them from entering your home:

• Block Entryways – Look for damaged areas around your home that could be used as a potential gateway for pests to enter your personal space. Seal off or repair all entrances as necessary that may have experienced damage caused by wet, winter weather.

• Spring Clean – Usher in the new season with a clean home and yard. Immediately remove any trash or recycle bins on your property, as these items are extremely attractive to hungry rodents and wildlife.

• Hire a Professional – A professional exterminator can provide you with a thorough inspection of your home and treat any issues accordingly. We will be able to diagnose pest problems that an untrained eye may have otherwise missed and also advise you on how to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence in the future.

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