As one pest infestation season comes to a close, another will soon begin. Fortunately, there are several types of bugs and wildlife that are more likely to invade your space during the winter months, rather than in the spring. Nevertheless, homeowners should always be prepared and take steps to prevent pests from using the family home as their own dwelling, regardless of the time of year. If you want to make sure your residential or commercial property is free from pests this spring, work with an exterminator in Vancouver today.

4 Common Winter Pests

When it becomes too cold for pests to remain active outside, they may seek shelter and warmth inside your home instead.

1. Rodents – While rats and mice are some of the most common pests, they can only survive the winter by seeking shelter in secluded and cluttered areas like your attic or basement. Rodents have the potential to cause serious property damage since they are notorious for chewing through drywall and electrical wires, along with spreading harmful bacteria and diseases.

2. Birds – Seeking warmth during the winter is what all living beings strive for, including birds. These animals may enter your home through the chimney since it is warm and provides adequate shelter from the sometimes harsh winter conditions. Use a chimney cap to prevent birds from using your chimney as shelter or work with a professional chimney sweep.

3. Cockroaches – The German and American cockroach species that most commonly dwell in major cities cannot survive freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, that means they will most likely seek refuge in your home where they have access to food, water, and shelter. Clean eating areas as often as possible and address any plumbing issues as soon as they have been identified.

4. Firewood Pests – A wood burning fireplace is a must-have on a cold, winter’s day. However, you may unwittingly be bringing winter insects living in the cracks of your firewood, into your home. Some of these pests include ants, termites, and more. Always keep firewood off the ground and at least 3 feet away from your home.

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While these pests may appear less frequently indoors during the spring, a lack of care and preventative measures will enable them to continue using your home as a source of comfort and shelter. As such, it is important to take the appropriate steps to prevent them from breeding in your personal space, with expert help from the professional exterminators at Pest Detective. Our friendly and experienced technicians will provide the most comprehensive pest control services to help protect your home from insects, rodents, and wildlife this spring and beyond.

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