Humans are not the only ones who seek protection from the cold. As the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, many small rodents and animals look for warm places to escape from the harsh weather. Your heated home becomes an attractive option, especially if it is accessible. Mice, rats and squirrels are known to find their way in through small openings. Crawl spaces and attics are particularly vulnerable to critter invasions, but there are steps you can take before the winter season to help limit the chances of pests getting in your home.

Winter Pest Prevention: How to Prepare Your Home
Inspection is an important step towards making sure there are no open doors for small critters. If you do find yourself with unwanted winter guests in Vancouver, you should contact a professional pest control service.

Here are some tips to avoid an infestation this winter:

  1. Inspect your home in the daylight and keep a record of required repairs. If there are any gaps, take note. A mouse only needs a dime-sized opening to enter.
  2. Pay special attention to the foundation, crawlspace, cables leading into your house, and window and door frames.
  3. Limit the number of trees or bushes that lean against your home, as they provide opportunities for squirrels to access your roof or fascia.
  4. Try to place garbage cans far away from the home. Food attracts animals and may become an invitation to return for more.
  5. Safely inspect your roof and chimney. Make sure the chimney cap is secure and there are no gaps or openings to the attic.
  6. Don’t forget to inspect the interior of your home. Window and door frames should be looked at closely.
  7. Check the attic and basement areas for pests or openings to the outdoors.
  8. Once you have identified any vulnerable areas, patch the gaps or openings appropriately. Fill, screen or repair the areas you have noted.

Got Rodents? Contact an Exterminator for Pest Control
Once the pests get in, it can be difficult to identify the extent of the problem or pinpoint where they entered. If you notice any signs of a rodent infestation, such as droppings, chewed holes, gnawing or scurrying sounds at night, contact an exterminator. If you live in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Coquitlam or Langley and face a pest problem this winter, the team at Pest Detective can help. We can identify the types of rodents in your home and eliminate the problem fast.

Contact us today to learn more about rodent control and to schedule your pest control appointment.