Home and business owners dread the thought of having a rodent problem and rightly so. Rats and mice can do significant damage to furniture and building structures, and they are carriers of harmful diseases, some of which may even cause fatality in humans. Therefore, special attention must be given to rodent control.

Even though rats and mice have relatively short life spans, they can reproduce at alarming rates which can cause an existing rodent problem to spiral out of control. A mature house mouse can produce up to six babies per litter and is ready to start reproducing as early as two months old.

While you will rarely see rats running around your home as rats and mice search for food at night when no one is around. You will, however, see evidence that they exist by the dropping they leave on surfaces. If you do see a rodent in the daytime, it might mean you are dealing with a large infestation problem.

If you have rats or mice, here’s how to get rid of them the right way:

Eliminate food and water sources

An effective method of rodent control is to eliminate conditions in which they can thrive. Rodents like to hunt for food at night, and trash cans and other areas where food or garbage is left unattended are prime feeding spots. Cover all trash cans and ensure all leftover food is properly stored in the refrigerator or sealable, pest-proof containers. Rodents will even eat pet food. So, remove food and water after feeding your pet and never leave bowls outside overnight. You should also remove f fallen fruit from your yard.

Remove living spaces

Rats and mice can make their next in any area that is left undisturbed. For that reason, you should ensure that all debris is cleared from your yard. Also avoid storing old appliances, furniture and similar items on your property.

Ensure that surroundings are not rodent friendly

Rodents often gain access to your home via the roof. So, you should trim any tree branches that are close to your home to prevent rodents from using them as a bridge to your roof. Additionally, ensure all openings such as vents on your roof are covered.

Get Professional Help

If you’ve tried the above-mentioned tips but still have a rodent infestation, it may be time to call a professional to handle the problem. A pest control professional can adequately assess the situation and put measures in place to effectively tackle the problem. A pest control professional will also have seal entry points to prevent other rodents from entering your home and they know how to adequately protect themselves when handling the biological hazards rodents present.

What to do if you have a rodent infestation in Vancouver?

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