The spring season is always a welcome change after months of cold and wet weather. However, this is also a time when insects and rodents begin to emerge, building nests and foraging for food. Your home may become a target in the process, resulting in a pest infestation. Fortunately, there are many preventative measures you can take during the winter. For a pest-free home come spring, work proactively with a Vancouver exterminator who can help you enjoy your home all year round.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring with Proactive Pest Control

Don’t wait for the weather to get warmer before you start preparing your home against pests. Here are a few ways you can discourage them from creating a home for themselves in your space during the winter months:

· Repair Entry Points – Over the past year, your home has undergone wear and tear. To prevent pest infestations in the New Year, inspect the perimeter of your property for any signs of damage and potential entry points. Ensure that there are no holes in your roof to keep pests such as bees and wasps out of your house after winter is over. Additionally, cover all exposed air vents with wire mesh to make it difficult for larger wildlife like raccoons and squirrels from entering your home. Finally, don’t forget about your windows. Winter is the perfect time to ensure all the windows around your home have screens installed for spring pest prevention.

· Eliminate Attractive Odours – As the weather begins to get warmer, finding food will be a top priority for pests that are emerging from hibernation. To ensure that pests will avoid your home come spring, keep your kitchen area tidy and clean it immediately after every meal. This includes wiping and sweeping away crumbs, placing garbage in tightly sealed bins, rinsing bottles and containers before disposing for recycling, and storing leftovers in air-tight containers in the refrigerator.

· Clean Your Home – Help prevent pest infestations in the spring by keeping your home clean throughout winter. Insects and rodents feel safer in tight spaces and areas of clutter provide this ideal environment. Eliminate these potential dwellings by removing any clutter you may have lying around your home. Inspect your pipes and faucets for any leaks and repair these areas immediately. Additionally, keep scrap wood under a shelter or in your
garage to prevent winter moisture from settling into the wood and attracting termites and earwigs into your home.

Avoid an Infestation this Spring with Pest Control in Maple Ridge, Vancouver, and Lower Mainland 

Winter pest control is important for a variety of reasons. Taking preventative measures during the colder months can help discourage pests from invading and reproducing in your home when spring arrives. For residential and commercial pest control services, work with the experts at Pest Detective. Our friendly and professional technicians can help you assess the pest problem, provide effective non-toxic treatments, and advise you on how to reduce the chances of recurrence as your home continues to transition with the seasons.

Hire an exterminator in Vancouver today by calling Pest Detective at a location near you. You can also contact our team of professionals online to ask any questions you might have about seasonal pest control in Vancouver.