As the cold weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about securing certain areas of the home to prevent pests from entering and building their nests. Whether the potential invaders are antssquirrels or skunkssealing off entry points in your roof, garage, attic and crawlspaces is one of the best ways to keep your home pest-free.

The following tips will help prevent critters from invading your home this winter:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home. Keep an eye out for mice, as they can make their way through almost any hole. Look out for light coming through cracks and feel for air leaks. Check your roof for damaged shingles, which can provide critters with easy access into your attic or walls. If you notice any holes, have them repaired right away to avoid further damage.
  • Examine windows and doors. These are common entry points for pests, which is why you should always ensure they are fitted with properly-sized screens. Be sure to check for any tears and have them repaired as soon as you can. It’s also wise to caulk any cracks around windows and door frames.
  • Keep your garden one to two feet away from the home. Your garden is full of insects and rodents, which makes it easy for them to find their way through an open door. Keeping your weeds trimmed and the area free from debris will help prevent pests from entering your home.
  • Seal any holes made during installations or repairs. If you recently had a new dishwasher or washing machine installed, it’s a good idea to check for unsealed areas. Any plumbing or electrical work should be double checked to ensure that all holes are properly patched and secured.
  • Stay on top of pests. Glue traps in attics or crawl spaces is a great way to determine if you do in fact have a pest problem. The more traps you leave out, the better your chances are of understanding what you are dealing with.

What to Do If You Are Invaded – Advice from your Local Vancouver Exterminator

Unwanted pests and rodents are relentless and will find a way into your home one way or another. Here’s what you can do if you have noticed an infestation problem in your home:

  • Know what you are dealing with. Look for signs of infestation, such as a chewed baseboard or mice droppings. If you do notice that an insect or rodent has entered your home, contact your local Vancouver pest control company right away to determine the extent of the problem.
  • Over-the-counter products can help. However, be mindful of what you are buying, as there are many products out there that can be a waste of money and ineffective in getting rid of pests. In fact, certain products can drive them into the walls, causing an even bigger problem for you.
  • Know when to call the professionals. If you suspect that you have a squirrel or raccoon problem, a pest control company in Vancouver that specializes in large animals is equipped with the right tools to effectively resolve the problem. Bedbugs and wood-eating insects like termites or carpenter ants should also be handled by the pros, who have insurance to protect you if your house sustains severe damage.

If you have unwanted insects, rodents and wildlife on your property, Pest Detective can help! We offer pest control services for both residential and commercial clients and have several locations throughout the Lower Mainland area to better serve you.

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