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Is your property attracting pesky critters like rodents, insects and other wildlife? Pest Detective Pest Control in Vernon can help! We are experienced, licensed pest control professionals who proudly use environmentally-friendly and non-toxic methods to get rid of your unwelcome visitors. Through our many years in business and multiple locations all over British Columbia, we have accumulated valuable knowledge and experience working to eliminate a wide variety of species. From mice to squirrels, silverfish to spiders, we are familiar with the types of critters that lurk in people’s homes.

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment that is healthy for everyone, residents and guests alike. We also understand the value our clients place on our beautiful BC environment. That’s why we are committed to non-toxic, eco-friendly pest elimination solutions.

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We provide more than just a one-time solution – we follow up with you to make sure the pests don’t come back. Depending on your needs, we can make monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly trips to your property and do whatever needs to be done to keep the pests away.

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