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Our South Okanagan exterminators are professionals in eradicating your typical household pests including insects and wildlife. Whether you have an ant problem, a wasp nest, spiders are in and around your home or any other pest problem, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced team will handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

We provide our services to both residential and commercial clients, making Pest Detective your comprehensive source for pest control in South Okanagan. From homes to small businesses to restaurants and anywhere in between, we are able to tailor our services to meet your unique pest control needs.

Please remember that we have a 24-hour phone line available for you to request free estimates for our services. Don’t hesitate to call us any time!

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We provide more than just a one-time solution – we follow up with you to make sure the pests don’t come back. Depending on your needs, we can make monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly trips to your property and do whatever needs to be done to keep the pests away.


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