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Whether you are already engaging in a battle against rodents or are trying to prevent infestation, rodent-proofing your storage is essential to protecting your valuables.

Storage units are especially vulnerable to pest infestations, as, unlike a home or an office, a long time might pass before the renter or storage unit owner makes checks. As a result, an infestation can remain undetected and spread from unit to unit, as rodents reproduce quickly. A small infestation, therefore, can become a huge problem in a short period of time.

Nevertheless, keeping your storage unit rodent-free does not have to be stressful, nor does it need to be costly. It is simply a matter of being proactive by protecting your possessions and equipping your storage unit with effective rodent deterrents.

Below are some simple steps you can take to stop rodents from invading your storage unit:

Choose a well-maintained, well-sealed facility

Make sure you inspect the storage facility in person and ensure shrubbery and other landscaping is trimmed away from your unit and check whether garbage bins are sealed and disposed of regularly. It is also important to ask about pest control.

A good storage facility should appear pristine and well-maintained. The floors should be swept clean, the doors free from rust, and the ceilings dry, as these indicate cleanliness, which helps keeps rodents away. You should also ensure there are no holes in the walls as mice and rats can fit through very tiny holes and gain access to your space.

Consider using plastic containers

Use sealed plastic containers and avoid using cardboard boxes, as these can easily be infested and used by nesting rodents. Rodents will not be able to chew through plastic containers and your belongings will remain intact.

No Food Allowed

Never store food in your unit, as even a bag of snacks that appears to be well-sealed can be enough to attract mice or rats.

Most storage units will forbid food storage, as it tends to attract rodents, but food can be inadvertently taken into the storage facility even if you keep your storage unit a food-free zone. For example, containers that were once used to store food might have residue in them; crumbs can be left behind due to you having snacks whilst packing and kitchen appliances could have food residue on them. A few crumbs from a roll, butter or ketchup on unwashed hands, are enough to attract rodents.

To prevent these incidents, it is recommended that you clean appliances and other kitchen items thoroughly, ensure you step outside the storage unit to eat and wash hands properly with soap.

Wrap furniture in plastic

If you are storing any upholstered furniture and soft items like pillows or curtains in your unit that are unable to fit into storage boxes, make sure they are wrapped tightly in plastic. This will help prevent rodents from damaging the fabric by clawing or gnawing.

Bait your unit and use pest repellents

As a long-term prevention measure, it is advised that you equip your unit with rodent deterrents, such as rat poison or mouse traps. You can also try natural solutions. For example, mice and rats are repulsed by the scent of certain essential oils. So, you could soak cotton balls in peppermint oil or lavender and use them to line storage cabinets to keep rodents at bay.

Stay on top of pest control

Check on your unit regularly and look for signs of infestation. If there are any signs, report them immediately to the facility manager.

Know when to call in an expert

As soon as you suspect a pest problem, it is advised that you hire a pest control professional who will be able to assess the extent of the problem, help with treatment and offer suggestions to prevent further damage.

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