Rats make a home wherever they can and often use cars to nest and store food. Given their size, rats can enter your vehicle through small openings such as vents, pedal shafts, and steering columns. If rodents make their home in your vehicle, they could cause significant damage costing thousands of dollars in a matter of days. Furthermore, having rats living in your car can expose you to deadly diseases.

If you have rats in your vehicle, here are some ways to get rid of them:

Leave the hood up

While this may not be a long-term solution, it may serve you well in the short term to leave the hood of your car up. Rats typically seek out warm, dark places to nest. Leaving your hood up will drive out rodents that are living in your engine.

Remove food sources

Leftover food, animal feed and bird seeds provide meals for rats. You should remove any possible food sources you may have in and around your car. Doing so will ultimately drive the rats out as they will relocate in search of a reliable food supply.

Make your car smell

Rodents are extremely sensitive to smell. So, you may use odours to help drive the furry squatters out of your vehicle. Motorists have had success with peppermint oil, powdered fox urine, used cat litter, Pine-Sol and other items that give off a strong odour.

Use Biological Deterrents

Many individuals suggest using cats to get rid of rodents. However, this method will only be successful if your cat is a skilled hunter. If you decide to use your cat as a way of eliminating rodents, ensure you know where your cat is before starting your car. Cats can hide in the small crevices of your vehicle and starting your car before checking where your cat is can lead to an unfortunate accident.

Seek professional help

If you have a rat in your car and all DIY methods have failed, the best thing you can do is to seek help from a professional rat exterminator. A rat exterminator will have the knowledge, training and proper tools to offer effective rodent control.

Do you need rodent control in Vancouver?

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