There are a variety of pests that can enter your home – from ants to fleas to bed bugs, rodents, and more. Identifying what types of pests you have and then finding ways to eradicate them requires experience and knowledge of the right methods to conduct pest control. Whether you suspect you already have a pest infestation problem or you are thinking about signing up for a pest prevention program as part of preventative maintenance, a professional pest control exterminator can help you keep your home pest-free.

Services Offered by Pest Detectives

Most homeowners assume that they only need to call in the exterminator when they have a pest problem. While this is our core service, Pest Detective also offers inspections and prevention services that can save you time, money, and all the stress of trying to deal with an infestation.

  • Inspection – A pest control professional can do a detailed, multi-point inspection of your property (inside and out) to determine what types of pests you may have invading your home.
  • Treatment – After the initial inspection, an exterminator will assess the level of infestation you are faced with. The pest control technicians will then come up with a customized treatment plan. This plan will address immediate concerns as well as ongoing; such as, sealing holes to prevent future mice and rat intrusions.
  • Pest Prevention – We also offer prevention services. Our team will identify and monitor hot spots in your home for pest infestations as well as address seasonal pest concerns. In addition, we can also bring to your attention any potential “breeding grounds” or “ideal conditions” for certain types of pests. By taking this step, we can help make your home less appealing to those pests in the future.

There are hundreds of different types of pests that can possibly enter your home; each with their own habits and characteristics. By arranging for a professional pest control inspection, you can treat and maintain your home as well as be successful at keeping it pest-free for years. It is best to call in a pest control company as soon as you suspect you have a pest problem.

The pest control experts at Pest Detective can help you identify trigger areas in your home, eradicate infestations, and ensure they don’t come back. Contact us today to learn more about our residential services or to request an estimate.