You have spent a significant amount of time perfecting your garden when suddenly you notice an invasion of pests. The discovery of garden pests such as ants, snails, and slugs may cause some anxiety as their presence could threaten to destroy all your hard work. Fortunately, before resorting to drastic measures, there are several organic remedies you can use to control your pest problem and ensure that your garden lasts throughout the season.

It’s not all bad news if you spot a few ants crawling around your garden. Despite their unsightly nests, ants can help improve your soil quality, serve as pollinators, and eat the eggs and larvae of other garden pests. However, if you become overwhelmed by the volume of ants and other pests around your home, it is time to call for pest control in Vancouver. Through affordable, environmentally friendly treatment, our professional exterminators will help you eliminate ants and other insects that pose a risk to your garden.

5 Ways to Safely Get Rid of Garden Pests 

It may be tempting to spray your garden with chemicals to quickly eliminate pesky insects. Before reaching for a bottle of insecticide, however, try the following remedies to help get rid of your garden pests.

Here are a few ways you can control pests in your garden: 

● Hot Water – The solution to getting rid of ants could be as simple as putting your kettle on. Scrape away the top layer of the nest and pour boiling water down the entry point. If the water reaches the queen, you will notice the colony start to disappear. If there is still activity after several days, repeat the process.

● Sweet Traps – It’s no secret that ants and most insects love all things sweet. Use this to your advantage and surround your flower bed with homemade sticky traps. For example, fill jars with honey or simple syrup made from 1 part sugar to 1 part water. Scatter the jars around your garden to attract the ants. They will crawl inside the jar and drown in the liquid. If you use this method, make sure to discard and refill the traps every week.

● Aromatic Herbs – Consider growing aromatic herbs in your garden. Mint, fennel, and basil may smell delicious to us but they are an effective deterrent for common garden pests. Some herbs may attract natural predators like wasps and ladybugs which can also help you keep your pest problem under control.

● Unsafe Passage – Slugs and snails will make their way into your garden and spoil your plants from the ground. Sprinkle crushed egg shells over the soil to keep these critters from reaching your plants.

● Insecticide – If your pest problem requires a more powerful treatment, you may need to rely on an insecticide. However, take extra caution with insecticides, especially if you have small children or pets. These potent chemicals may kill other insects that are beneficial for your garden, so read the labels carefully and choose the best insecticide for you.

Are Ants Taking Over Your Garden? You Need an Ant Exterminator in Vancouver 

Ants can multiply at a rapid rate and their homes are an unsightly addition to your garden. At Pest Detective, we provide residential pest control throughout Vancouver and the surrounding area to help you control your ant infestation and other pest control issues. Our technicians can assess and diagnose your pest problem and provide non-toxic treatments to help reduce the severity of your infestation, without causing harm to your beautiful garden.

Hire an exterminator in Vancouver today by calling Pest Detective at a location near you. You can also contact our team of professionals online to ask any questions you might have about garden pest control in Vancouver.