As we approach another winter season, more and more pests and rodents are looking for a warm place to hide out. It can be unnerving and unsanitary to have these unwanted invaders take up residence in your home. They can also be expensive, causing extensive electrical and structural damage to your home. However, there are steps you can take to make your warm home less inviting to pests.

10 Tips to Drive Away Pests This Winter

One of the best ways to deal with small critters in your home is pest prevention. Here are some tips to avoid and deal with an infestation:

  1. Try not to store items in cardboard boxes. Use sealed plastic containers instead.
  2. Take out the garbage regularly and keep food in sealed containers.
  3. Ensure your chimney vents and openings are properly screened and sealed.
  4. Seal any gaps, cracks, openings or holes outside of your house.
  5. Repair any loose mortar or insufficient weather stripping around windows, doors or your basement foundation before it gets cold.
  6. Check for gnaw marks on wires, walls and insulation in your home, which may indicate unwanted critters have been present.
  7. If you hear scurrying sounds or find feces, you should contact a professional pest control service.
  8. Try using peppermint oil, ammonia, mothballs, camphor or a house cat to deter rodents from becoming comfortable.
  9. Direct water away from your home by using gutters or diverts.
  10. Keep firewood away from the home. 20 feet away from your house and five feet above the ground are good guidelines to limit the chances of an infestation.

Have a Rodent Problem? Contact an Exterminator for Pest Control

If you notice the signs of a rodent infestation contact an exterminator. Are you located in Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Coquitlam, Langley or any Surrounding Vancouver areas? The team at Pest Detective can help quickly and efficiently identify the type of rodents in your home and solve the problem. With years of fast, reliable service and a 24-hour call line, we can remove pests from your home and help you deter new ones from entering.
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