Renovating your home is exciting. You might have a comprehensive renovation of your kitchen, or possibly you are overhauling the entire house.

While you are worried about keeping things locked up to prevent theft and vandalism, there is one intruder you might have forgotten about.


Pests love renovations just as much as homeowners. When the walls are open and the home exposed, pests take up the opportunity to create a nest. So, while you are locking up the job site and screening everyone that enters your property, do not forget about sneaky pests too.

Tips for Keeping Rodents and Pests Out of Your Home under Renovation

Your home improvement budget is pushed to the maximum, so the last thing you need is to worry about the cost of rodent damage. Rodents and pests enter your home through nearly any opening, and during a renovation, you have more than enough openings to spare.

To keep them out, deploy a few of these expert strategies an exterminator in Vancouver would use:

  • Know Vulnerable Entry Points – Certain areas are more vulnerable in your home than others. Air ducts on the roof, passive vents, loose windows, chimneys, and loose eaves must be sealed to keep the pests out.
  • Close Doors and Windows – Construction crews might prop open a door for a drawn out period to move equipment inside. However, leaving doors ajar for extensive amounts of time invites rodents inside. Always close doors or use a screen to help keep rodents out.
  • Seal Old Pipes – Old pipes that are no longer in use after the renovation, but nevertheless part of the home, must be sealed. Otherwise, these offer rodents and pests a pathway into the home.
  • Remove Debris – Debris sitting by your home is the perfect nest for rodents and pests. Have construction crews remove piles of debris and keep them away from the foundation of your home.
  • Treat Before, During, and After – To ensure your home is not the new residence of a mouse or a group of ants, hire Victoria exterminators to treat your home before, during, and after the renovation. Exterminators, like those at Pest Detective, can set traps to ensure rodents are caught when they enter. Also, treating immediately after the renovation can detect any pests that might have entered while the house was open.

If you are renovating or have just moved into a newly renovated home, pest control in Vancouver by the experienced team at Pest Detective is your best defense against unwanted rodents and pests. Furthermore, you will protect your investment by preventing damage from rodents.

Hire an exterminator in Vancouver today by calling Pest Detective. We have many office locations to serve you, and we can help you with your pre-renovation and post-renovation pest control needs.