Even though winter is almost over, you may still be running into some of these common winter pests. Here’s how to handle them!

When it comes to pest control, avoid letting your guard down simply because the cold weather is upon us. In fact, pests are more likely to be an issue at this time of year since your warm and cozy home offers a perfect haven from the elements. Fortunately, there are many ways you can identify areas where pests are commonly found and prevent these potential threats from entering your home. Work with an exterminator for pest control services in Vancouver, BC, who can guide and instruct you on the right precautions and preparations to take during the winter season.

5 Common Household Pests 

During the winter months, don’t allow your home to become a place of refuge for pests seeking shelter from the cold and wet conditions. Here are 5 common winter pests you must prepare for and useful advice on how to keep them out of your home:

· Rodents – Like humans, rodents will actively seek warmth and comfort during the winter. Mice will chew through drywall to make nests in the cavities of your walls and ceilings. Since these pests can easily fit through cracks and small openings, seal all gaps using caulk or steel wool. Additionally, tidy up any clutter on the floor to eliminate potential hiding places. During the winter, your kitchen is also a hotspot for mice and other rodents who are looking for a food source. It is important to wipe away spills, seal your disposal bins, and remove waste regularly to avoid contamination or the spread of disease.

· Spiders – You may find these pests lingering in your garage as they prepare to make their way indoors. Spiders will typically spin their webs in places that don’t experience a lot of foot traffic, such as attics and basements. To reduce the chances of an invasion, keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from the exterior of your home, vacuum regularly, and store unworn shoes and clothing in sealed plastic containers because this is where spiders may frequently hide.

· Bed Bugs – There are many holidays to be celebrated during the winter months and for some families that may require traveling. If you stay at a hotel or travel by plane, you may increase your chances of picking up bed bugs. These critters are notorious for their ability to travel between locations by latching onto your clothing and luggage. When returning home from a trip, thoroughly wash all clothing in hot water and dry these items on the highest setting. Luggage should be inspected along the seams, vacuumed, and sealed in a plastic bag. You can then wash your suitcase with warm, soapy water or use a household cleaning solution.

· Raccoons – Not only do raccoons make appearances around your curb side trash bins, they can also find their way into your home through attics or chimneys. Once inside, raccoons may pose a danger to the health and safety of your family as they are a major host of rabies. Keep raccoons out of your home by storing garbage bins in a locked shed or use animal-proof lids if garbage is kept out in the open. Furthermore, inspect the perimeter of your home for any damage such as broken vent covers that may be used as access points. Finally, repair shingles and install a mesh chimney cover or cap to keep pests out.

· Cockroaches – Another common winter pest is the cockroach. Your home makes the ideal habitat for these critters as it provides a reliable food source and shelter from cold weather conditions. Unfortunately, cockroaches can easily contaminate your kitchen, spread bacteria, and even trigger allergies in children. Ensure your countertops and floors are free of crumbs and take out the garbage on a regular basis. Cockroaches also thrive in moist environments and may be hiding in your kitchen or bathroom pipes. To prevent entry, cover drains with a stopper and clean with warm water, soap, and bleach until an exterminator can be called to assist.

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